January 11, 2012

Love Yourself

I'm not speaking of "the world revolves around me" kind of love. I'm speaking of a different kind, the kind that lets you actually feel comfortable with loving yourself through self preservation. We are connected with Christ and are vessels that can carry the Holy Spirit. If we take time to clean our spiritual/emotional selves, we can be more than what we could ever hope for. Prayer. mediation, fasting, bible study, creating, reading, cooking, exercising are just some on the endless things we can do to help us have inner peace, joy and love. It's only when you love yourself that you can then love others.

I have learned that other than our heavenly father, no one should beat you loving you!! Why, because only you know what's on the inside of you and what you require to nourish it. Some might say that they can't afford time for themselves; they have so much to do, others who need them, not enough hours in the day, and so on and so on. But I can tell you that you simply can't afford NOT to! The reason I say this is because no one knows what really goes on in your mind or home. They may not know that you are dealing with some personal emotional issues when they ask you to babysit. They may not have invited you to shop if they could see your bank statement. So, you have to love you enough to protect yourself from unintended as well as intended harm.

It's hard to give what you don't have:
When I take time out to read a good book, or bible study alone and pray, I am filled with love! Now, when the kids are all around me and asking a thousand questions, or make a mistake, I will most likely respond with love. The love of the Lord flows through us, so make sure you're receiving it, so you can pass it along.  You may also love to paint and are filled with joy when you take time to create. When your family sees the painting, you have spread joy in your living room wall and all throughout. You smile each time you pass by and your joy is seen in every other area as well. These are just a few of the many ways we give what's on the inside of us!

Take time out to love yourself:
Time is going to be spent no matter what. It's what you do with that time that matters. Why not use a small portion of it loving yourself. When our time is filled with unnecessary things, we have lost an opportunity to have love to spread. Your family is gathered at the table for the usual family meal and chat, but you have been so burned out by doing, "fill in the blank" that you didn't get to it. If cooking always brings you joy and trust me when I say that it transfers over to your food that fills your family and friends. Then you have missed out on quality family time and on top of that your family misses out on food that comes from the heart. You have no time left to give! Now you're tired and can't enjoy what makes you happy, like your cooking and your family.

Love yourself enough to be the best you possible:
You want to be able to run after a frisky two year old. Or stay eight hours at a track meet in 107 degree heat. (Been there, Done that!!!) You want to look and feel like the hottest wife to your husband. Or create, design, sew. etc. So love yourself enough to take care of you! Exercise, drink plenty of water and get a restful nights sleep, so you can have energy to do what makes you happy. Learn something new to help you feel better about yourself. Wear your hair different in a style you like and revamp your closet by shopping your closet to feel like a hot momma to yourself and your hubby. Go online and cook some new dishes that make you smile when everyone raves about your award winning "whatever".

Remember, God first loved us! And God don't make no junk! So, if you ever need a reason to encourage yourself, just think Christ died for me, so that I can live. He loves me so, that He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in me so that I could live life abundantly. My body is a temple and I should love it and respect it as such. Not damage it with harmful things or allow others to treat my temple badly. Love your temple, cellulite, big nose, too tall and all, God does! Your soul is precious and should not be abused with emotional abuse whether internally or by someone else. Stop telling yourself you're fat or need a nose job, or too clumsy. Instead love yourself enough to speak life, love, and happiness over yourself! Now just watch how everything builds from the love you have now given yourself.

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