June 18, 2012

Ministry in the home

Housework....the word alone makes us tired and dread the chores that follow. They are tasks that have to be repeated each and everyday. And in my home several times a day(smile). But if you are willing to take another look, you'll find that there is more to housework than meets the eye. Behind every clean toilet, loads of laundry, or meal prepared, there is in fact a ministry!!

We have been given instructions by God that are perfect for each of us. The bible speaks of women as keepers at home or buildeth her house. So we are aligning ourselves with the Word of god, when we do these things. It is not just a clean home, but a ministry to our families! We are creating an atmosphere of praise and worship, when we do what is called by God by keeping house, raising our children, cooking meals and all else that we do.

So the next time we as women mumble under our breath at the notion of mopping the floors or grumble at the mere notion of cleaning up yet another spill the kids have left. Remember, that we are all fulfilling God's plan for our lives and creating a ministry in our own home.

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