April 11, 2013

It's time to unpack

My daughter runs track and she's also a distance runner. How many of you out there know that when you run, you don't feel the pain or emotions that that come with it until you actually stop! This is what is happening to me at this point in my life. I have been running from past situations for sooo long that I forgot they were even there. Now, I have decided to stop and not on my own might I add.

Because how many of you know that when you run, your body, mind, and emotions(stamina/endurance) runs out and you have no choice but to stop. And that is when all the pain, hurt, anger, disappointments, fear, shame, frustrations etc... catch up with you. Then you go through life trying to walk on your path carrying tons of baggage with you. You can't be successful with the unnecessary weight of burdens!

It's time to unpack ladies!! These baggages aren't going anywhere until you unpack them and deal with them. How many of us have boxes with clothes we can no longer fit, old keepsakes, piles and piles of stuff, stored away in our home. You have to know that they will not unpack and sort themselves, YOU have to do the work!

I know you get tired just thinking about how big of a chore or how much time, or how big of a nuisance this is going to be. But it's not going to disappear and when you least expect it, you will stumble over those boxes from time to time. Yes, it will be smelly because you haven't opened them in a long time. It will probably have mildew and mold from siting dormant for so long. And you will have hard work to do to get it all done. But once it is dealt with, its done!!

You will no longer have to face stumbling over it anymore. No more having anxiety over someone finding out what you have hidden. No more will your issues show up in your life, work, marriage, children, etc...You won't have to carry these burdens anymore and you can breath a sigh of relief knowing all is well!! It's time to not just take our issues to God, but to bring God to our issues! Once you tap into the spirit of God and use the holy spirit, you now have authority over what once had authority over you! With prayer, fasting, exhaling yourself, and speaking a word over your situations you can now stop running from it and stroll through life!

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