April 7, 2014

Giuseppe Shoes DIY

I was going about my merry little way screen-shopping(window-shopping, but online) as usual, when I spotted something that made me squeal. It was the mother of all shoes, the spring/summer line of Giuseppe Zanotti featured a pair with "Crock Rock jewel" on them!!!
Oh My Goodness!!!
I wanted these shoes, and especially since I'm from the bayou state of Louisiana. But there was one HUGE problem, the $ 1,595.00 price tag.
So, the wheels in my head got to turning, and I say to myself...self why not try a DIY. (Kids make you talk to yourself from time to time...lol) And this is my version in a step by step process.
unfortunately I couldn't find gators,
 but I did find lizards...eh close enough
old pair of shoes, I was going to donate
I gave my little lizards the old "Midas Touch"
with paint I had on hand
I just removed the bunched ribbon detail
All done!!!
I love these!!!!
So glad I was able to DIY them.
My version was only $2 for the two lizards at $1 each.
 A lot less than $1600....(umm YEA!)

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