August 15, 2010

12 new things

Starting this month, I'm joining Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee, for 12 New things!! This is where we all commit to learning one new thing or accomplishing one new thing a month. It's a chance for us to grow as individuals and encourage each other in the process. Last month I had a quickening from the holy Spirit about this very issue. I was on my trip with my daughter to the Jr Olympics and decided to pursue what I'm passionate about as well. So, I've already started with this month, but so glad to participate on farther with these ladies. I hope you will join in with us!

August- make recipe binder, learn new ones to add

September- add holiday section to my HMB

November- learn to use my sewing machine

December- teach myself more French

January- finish my book

February- learn to play my guitar

March- grow a bigger garden, more variety

April- have a more organized spring cleaning system

May- read more books

June-to do homemade mani/pedi

July- perfect my bread/biscuit making
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