September 20, 2010

platter art

I wanted to have a little art in my kitchen, but wasn't willing to spend any money.(nothing, zip, nada) So, I got to looking around my home to see what I already had on hand. Because ya know free is soooo me!

This is a platter I had for years and never used
I think I got it free for opening a bank account
to a bank I no longer use...lucky me!!!

I hot glued a picture to the front

all done and very simple

Here is my new free art hung above the sink!

Good news is, when if I change my mind, the hot glue is easily removable.
Who knew you could use a plate as a frame.
It's amazing what you can come up with for free
when you're making your house a home for your family.

 craft o maniac
beyond the picket fence
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