October 29, 2008


We as Christians have a duty to our country to vote for who we feel is the best candidate. But what amazes me, is the attitudes that we as Christians have adopted, when it comes to politics. I've seen and heard, some cruel things coming from the mouths of Christians. We must never forget, who we are. We have a higher calling to our Lord to uphold ourselves to standards above what's going on in the world around us. We are called to love, not judge anyone. I take note of both candidates' faults. But don't we all have faults? He who is without sin cast the first stone. As Christians, let's band together in prayer, instead of speaking bad about someone. We can be a people that can change things through prayer. We can pray that no matter who leads our country that our Lord will keep them and guide them. I just thank God that no matter, who wins, I have the best candidate running our country. He is just, loyal, faithful, all-knowing, merciful, grace, love, hope, peace, life, etc.. the list can just go on and on til all eternity. My Lord Jesus, is my pick for the leader of our country!
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