January 5, 2009

Repositioning Myself

This year I'm basically continuing with changes that I've started already. I want to work on repositioning myself for a new life for my family and I. With God's help, I know I can do all things...

First: Creating a more personal relationship with the Lord. Helping and praying for my family. Creating an atmosphere of worship, praise and love in my home.

Second: Making better financial choices that will benefit my family better. I intend on saving more and spending wisely on necessities.

Third: Becoming healthier. My family and I need to eat better, so I intent on cutting down on unhealthy snacks and fast foods. I want to create an exercise program that fits me. Not something that I'll struggle with and will then quit, but light and easy. I want the kids to get out more to run and play, instead of video games and movies.

Fourth: Nurture my marriage. My husband is the most important man here on earth to me. I want to make sure he knows that. I want to ensure our relationship still has the love it had when we first met and that takes work. So, I vow to love honor and respect my husband, because sometimes life makes you forget that.

Fifth: Building my home. Organizing, creating comfort, cleaning, and decluttering. My home will be a place away from the worries of the world for me and my family. It will continue to be our refuge and safe haven. I want my family to come home to nice clean surrounding and a smile. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Pray for my family, while I continue on my quest for the new year and may God bless us on our journey.
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