February 2, 2009

God is Good!!

It never surprises me how much Jesus loves me. But on January 21, I found out just how much He can bless us. I was involved in a three car accident that left be badly bruised and battered, but Glory be to God I'm still alive. For a few moments I wasn't sure if I was alive because the impact hit me from behind and then my car slammed me into another car in front. My head hit the wheel from the first hit and the airbags knocked me out of my seat the second hit. Although I have a cast on my neck most of the time, walk with a limp from a busted knee, when the front caved in on it, and can't bend or turn, I just thank God, He's so merciful!! I realize now that God has given me another chance at life for a reason and I just thank Him so very much!!! I also thank God for the people who have helped during this ordeal. God really uses people to bless you and I many blessings to the people who have come to my aide during this time of need. Please pray for my recovery, I still have a crocked spine and over 2 months of recovery to endure, but I'm still here!

Here is (was) my van....

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