April 15, 2009

Cleaning in the New Year

Well I'm on my way to cleaning and organizing for the new year. I've decided to take apart each and every room in my home and clean everything in sight! I'm also organizing for better time management. Let's face it, you save time when you know where things are. So here's to my organized, cleaner home!!

First, I'm starting with the office. I'm clearing away all the clutter, throwing away junk mail and creating a storage system. We just got a used file cabinet and we've already put it to good use. Next, I created binders and folder for other records like, manuals, coupons, receipts, etc Then, I plan on cleaning out my computer too. I need to organize files and documents and delete unwanted software and files. Last I want to clean and decorate.

Second is the kitchen. I'll clean out the fridge and freezers. Then I'll clean out microwaves and stove. Then I'll throw out damaged items; chipped plates, lost sippy cup lids, etc Then I'll organize my cabinets and pantry. I'll also add a few more touches to dress it up a bit.

Third, living room. This is my favorite room in the home. I'm currently redecorating and creating a nice little haven for me and my family. Organizing book shelves, dusting, shampoo carpet and steam cleaning sectional.

Fourth, dinning room. I've already organized shelves and cleaning closets. This room is already done....yeah

Fifth, washroom. I've cleaned and organized all linens for my home.

Sixth and last on my list is bedroom. I need to clean from under my bed, not looking forward to that. I need to organize shelves and drawers.

Whewwww, I've got a whole lot of work to do. Wish me luck!!
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