April 15, 2009

Just Sunday

Yesterday, was another lazy Sunday for us. Michael and the kids went outside to run around the yard...well Michael didn't run.. more like build around the yard. He was working on building a bunny home for our two Christmas bunnies, hip pity and hop pity. They've gotten too big for their smaller one that I attempted to build. The kids just ran and played jump robe and rode their bikes. They had a good time hanging around the house.

While Michael was outside cutting and hammering, I was inside putting up my purse valance. It's a window with purses going across the top as a valance. It's soooo cute! Now I have a place to store my purses and have a neat work of art as well. I was also cooking for the Sunday meal. Michael started our dinner of pork steak, rice and gravy and corn. But wouldn't you know he quickly got bored with playing Mr. mom and went outside to reclaim his manhood by cutting or building something...He's a real manly-man!...lol So, I took over and finished up. After dinner, we all had ice cream and watched a movie. It was easy like Sunday morning at our house.

This is my purse valance...

Big brother helping baby sister...awww

Michael building the bunny cage...
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