April 28, 2009

My aprons

If you had known me about five years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing an apron. "An apron...me?" Because in my opinion an apron was the equivalent to wearing chains. It was a return to the dark ages, when women had no right to vote or own property. How wrong and misguided I was.

Now I proudly tie one on, whenever I have homemaking to do. An apron takes me back to a time when women took keeping their homes more seriously. I have a very different mindset when wearing my apron. Not only is it stylish and cute, but it helps get me prepared for full on housekeeping duties. When a nurse dresses in her uniform for her duties caring for her patients, or a solider dresses up in his uniform, they look the part. That's how I feel, although not war, it can kinda feel like I've been in one once I'm done with housework sometimes. I immediately feel like I'm holding my own housekeeping standards to a higher level. When I cook meals for my family, I can feel the love I've put into it when I wear my apron. No, wearing my apron doesn't make my meals taste any better, it just makes me feel better when preparing them.

I have a cleaning apron that has deep pockets. I use it only when I clean and cook with flour. This apron is heavy duty and will withstand all sorts of messes. The pockets hold scrub brushes, spray bottles, cleaning rags, phone, lost items found until I get back to that room...the list goes on.

My next apron is prettier. I use it when I know company is coming, so not to get my clothes underneath dirty, but still look chic. It's great to throw on my nice pj's and still look put together without stains on them from cooking when hubby gets home too.

Yes I love my aprons!! I wouldn't start a day of keeping my home without one. And it is a great feeling when my little one's look at them and see me as a true matriarch. They have little aprons just for them, they look so cute!! I want them to have the choice of knowing how to build their own homes and whatever other paths they take in life. Aprons are not oppressive. In fact they represent a choice that I've made to build my home and put the needs, meals, and caring for of my family first.

This is my fave apron and hanging up is my cleaning apron.

This is my apron that I won from PAJAMAMA...

Why I love my aprons:
1) Keeps my clothes clean
2) Doubles as a hand towel
3) Holds all things that I need at that time
4) Wipes little tears
5) I look and feel like a homemaker
6) My hubby loves the way I look in them
7) Kids found toys are always in there(they love that)
8) Wearing one makes me a motivated and cheerful homekeeper
9) They are so cute
10) Great for indoor or outdoor tasks

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