April 22, 2009

That man of mine!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hubby. He is exactly what God had especially for me. I decided to list 100 reasons why. Just to show him a little love over the Internet for all the world to see. I could list more...

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1)a man of God
2)loves me unconditionally
3)GREAT father
4)great lover
5)family is first
8)sings beautifully
9)can preach the word powerfully
10)the way he plays with the children
11)makes me feel special
12)takes care of me when I'm sick
13)has a adventurous spirit
14)not afraid of anything
15)protective of his family
16)bible studies with us as a family
17)teaches me the bible
18)upholds the law
19)never puts us in danger
20)LOVES the Lord
21)never late for dates
22)always apologises when wrong
23)not afraid to show PDA
25)a manly man
26)loves to garden
27)makes me laugh
28)sensitive when he needs to be
30)makes me a better wife
31)wants what's in my best interest
32)encourages me to reach for the stars
33)won't settle..ever
34)cleans when I need him to
35)cooks for me
36)changes diapers if needed
37)kids love him to death
38)can fix anything
39)keeps us safe
40)his sense of humor
41)good provider
42)old fashioned values
43)taught me to cook
44)excellent chef
45)takes over when I'm tired
46)keeps me focused on my goals
47)great painter
48)talks with me
49)keeps my secrets
50)confides in me about anything
51)loves his parents no matter what
52)kids are a top priority
53)can salvage anything
54)re purpose everything
55)wonderful carpenter
56)a gentleman
57)doesn't take me for granted
58)proud father
59)gentle with our little girls
60)his kisses
61)doesn't mind getting his hands dirty
62)can keep my car repaired
63)compliments me
64)calls and checks on me
65)love being in his arms
66)leads us to church
67)leads us in family bible study
68)keeps our yard looking good
69)teaches me to be a Godly wife
70)1000 watt smile
71)gives me good gifts
72)remembers my birthday, annv, etc
73)studies the Word of God
74)bo legs
75)good dancer
76)helps teaches children's praise dance
77)heart for people suffering
78)good role model for young men
79)his voice is very deep and sexy
80)passionate in whatever he does
82)sweet to everyone he meets
83)loves to have fun
84)puts me first above everyone else
85)kind to strangers
86)very affectionate and tender
87)business savvy
88)economical with finances
89)strong body and spirit
90)gift of discernment
92)loves to cuddle
95)shows sympathy/empathy
96)born leader
97)looks before he leaps
98)makes me feel like a woman
99)reaches out to less fortunate
100)gives good massages
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