April 15, 2009

Top reasons to make the bed

Here are my top reasons to make your bed everyday. My kids are always complaining about having to make their beds everyday (so, am I for that matter). So, I decided to do some research on why make the bed anyway and I ran across some very good articles. I added some of my own and incorporated others to compile this list...

1) Your room looks 75% cleaner with just one task done.
Let's face it, who doesn't want a faster way to see progress while cleaning. Often times, if the bed is made the rest can wait. That's because the bed is usually the biggest item in the room. So when made up, it makes to room instantly neat.

2) Saves time when going to bed.
When I hop into bed, I have to have the sheets wrinkle-free and my blankets spread out so that I can relax. I don't want to have to straighten sheets just before getting in, or bundled blankets that are rolled up.

3) It's a great end to a hectic day.
I love coming into my room after a long day and see a clean made up bed. It's very comforting and inviting.

4) It's likely to stay made up.
I love to read or watch T.V. on my bed. So, I love the fact that when I lie across it, the sheets or anything else doesn't wrinkle or get messed up easily. The babies can jump on it and it still doesn't disturb the sheets.

5)It helps prevents dust.
Dust and skin cells are always present on your sheets(ewww)! So, if you make your bed, you'll fling 'em right off. Plus, at the same time you'll keep new dust from settling on your sheets covered by the blanket.

I hope you enjoyed my reasons for making the bed, Good luck!!
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