June 1, 2009


I've been really soul searching myself and I can say that I need a lot of work. Call it fine tuning if you will. I've come to a point in my life where I want all that the Lord has for me. I've gotten so distracted by not prioritizing, but I've been working to improve this. I first got confirmation from the Holy Spirit, then I had a talk with my hubby. He totally agreed! He's even on board for a change for our entire family. The children are ready for some changes too. We're so excited! I'm continuing to focus on all aspects of my life.

1) spiritual-I want to gain a deeper relationship with Jesus. I want to have a consistent prayer life. I will schedule prayer alone and with my family. I hope to have revelations from God's Holy Spirit. I want to spend more time with bible study, sharpening my knowledge of God's word. I know that if I want the outside to be better, I have to start on the inside.

2) health-I want to get my high blood pressure under control and not be dependent on meds to keep it under control. I'm believing God for help in this area. I need to have healthier eating habits to help keep it under control and help with weight loss. I will use more natural products and more fruits and veggies in my home. I'll be cutting unhealthy foods out almost completely.

3) marriage-I'll be working to completely nurture our relationship. I want to continue to date each other again to keep the fires burning. To look to my husband for guidance and respect him in all things. Become better at submission to him in all things and lift him up to our Lord in prayer.

4) children-Teach them, train them in His ways. Be a role model for femininity for my daughters. Spend more time with them and less doing "other" things. Work on extra curricular activities to broaden their horizons. Keep a good summer schedule for school work and chores.

5) finances-Learn to budget better and pay off all debts little at a time. Slowly but surely get done all the things that need to be done on our list of repairs, to buy, etc... Live with less and focus more on what we do have.

While spending time talking with the Lord, I heard the word discipline in my spirit. I realized that all of these areas can be improved with discipline. "No pain, No gain!" So, I will become all that God wants me to be. I will stop making excuses and just walk into my blessings. I will not be distracted by anything that the world throws at me. We all know that so much can come up and get you off track, but we serve a God that wants us to have all the blessings he has in store for us. What goals do you feel you need discipline to achieve?
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