November 3, 2009

It takes a village

Do you remember the saying "it takes a village to raise a child". Well, that really does still applies today! Families are under attack more so now than ever before in history. It is appalling that it is actually looked upon as "crazy" to want to put your family's need first. We have become a society that is all about self satisfaction, that personal communication, affection and genuine love for your neighbor have become almost extinct. There once was a time when people would gather around a couple, whose marriage was in trouble and try to help keep them together. Now people are throwing divorce parties and shunning being "just a housewife". Whole neighborhoods would all help raise the children, now people look the other way when someone's child needs guidance. People would band together and help keep each other when in need, now it seems that the more we get the more we spend on yet another gadget. Talking face to face and greeting each other with a warm hug or friendly smile have been replaced with text, email, and skype.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a career, the finer things in life or social media. But I hope to never forget to bond with other families or people offline. There is nothing sweeter than having children playing together while moms converse and share over a cup of lemonaid and baked goods. The shoulder of a friend can sooth away so much with just that small gesture. Stepping outside yourself and showing care and concern for someone outside of your four walls is what Christ is calling us to do in His name.

I love that technology has bought so many of us together and with it we have created a community that really does show love and concern for others. The village has become more vaste thanks to the web and has been a blessing to me personally. I just want to always remember to share with others in real life as well. Charity should not take a backseat to having more things. How many times have we upgraded to the newest equipment that could have fed a family in need. The price of most cell phones, GPS, or game systems could make sure several children are not without a coat this winter.

I pray that our society can once again become a village that raises our families!! Together we can show Christ in our actions and the way we treat our neighbors.
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