February 19, 2010


I have been listening to the voice of the Lord in my life and He has called me to come close to Him and less of other things. He is doing a mighty work in me and in the path that was chosen for me. I am to merely stop and listen to His instruction for my life. So many times, I have let other things interfere with hearing the voice of the holy spirit. I've worked hard to not let technology steal from me and my family, but there's always room for improvement. How about you?

Has He called you to cut back from technology and focus on your own rest and health. It's hard to be happy when you're sleep deprived from being on the internet too late. What about suffering from carpal tunnel from using many gadgets or back pain from sitting for hours on end at the screen. The list can go on and on... How about more focus on your relationship with Him. Personal study, prayer, ministry, etc...

Family can take a back seat, if you're too busy to play a game of peek a boo. Family dinners can be fast food all to often when you need to cut back on time cooking so you can get back to social networks. And remember, children learn by watching us as parents. Are we giving them adequate instructions on how to live by them watching the backs of our heads. Does your husband have to ask when are you coming to bed more and more because you're reading/writing just one more email/text? Are you a mom/wife who seems more distant because you spend so many hours with conferences, promotions, ads, posting, etc...

Words on a screen can be very encouraging and uplifting, but never underestimate the power of a real shoulder to cry on for your friends. Or just stopping by to cheer up someone you love. Offering to help a sick friend clean their home, or taking over soup heals the soul. A warm hug touches the heart so much more than a virtual one. Sometimes seeing your smiling face is all that was needed to keep someone from feeling alone.

I hope that all is well with you and that you already have balance with real vs virtual life. If not, I pray that you find focus starting with our Father. Then let His love spread to all other areas of your life, because it all begins and ends with Christ.

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