March 20, 2010

A lady

When God created woman, he made her to be the complete opposite of man. He created her to be a softer, sweeter version of her other half. See God's work is perfect! He knew there would be a union between His two precious creations, so He made sure that they complimented one another. Man was strong and hard, while woman was vulnerable and soft.

A lady is one who realizes that God created her to be a soft place to land for her family. Her very touch makes a house a home. She is the help meet to her husband, so much so that he calls her blessed, her children also. She offers a sweeter perspective on things. She dresses herself in a manner that pleases her father in heaven, as well as her husband. Her voice is compared to the song of birds. Providing a beautiful melody for her family. Her intellect can only be surpassed by her willingness to build her home. Within those walls, she controls her children's future. She knows that her influence is shaping lives for Him. Multi-talented, there is nothing she can't achieve, but she understands that her ministry is her home first.


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