June 14, 2010

Divine Connection


 I can still remember it like it was yesterday how Michael and I met and fell in love. We met over the phone and would chat it up all hours of the night as friends. We had both been through bad relationships and were single parents. We knew that we wanted Christ to pick our spouses, because in Him all things are good. We were both practicing abstinence at the time and were completely surrendered to the Lord. Soon we started to like each other as more than friends, so we decided to meet in person. After two weeks, I made the two hour drive from Monroe to Shreveport. when I first saw him, I thought "So that's him." He thought, "That's a fine young lady." Our first stop on our first date was to meet his pastor and wife. they prayed over relationship with us. Then we went to the sanctuary and prayed for our future together. Later, we had lunch at Ryans Steak House. We talked for hours and hours about where we were headed. I began to ask Christ for guidance in leading me on whether he was the one. The next week, he came to Monroe to see me and that's when I got the sign I needed. He was kind of glowing and flashed his million dollar smile. I was in love! Just one more week of dating and he proposed on the weekend of my birthday. That was the best gift ever!! Three months of dating from Monroe to Shreveport and I finally moved in. Soon we were married, had two daughters, and had yours, mine and ours!
Today we still go out for a dates every two weeks, have movie nights for just the two of us, and have our bible study and prayer time for us. I know it's important to keep us in love and dating. We have plenty of family time, but we guard our alone time. Because we know loving parents make a happy home!

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