June 28, 2010

Pray for him

After Christ my husband is the head of my life. He was God appointed to take on this role to lovingly guide my children and I. Leadership can take its toll on him as a man. I have to stop and remind myself that the devil is always on the attack, plotting to mislead, temp, and make him fall astray. Because he knows that if you take down the head, the rest will follow. So, I tend look at praying for his salvation, as if I were praying for my own. Really, the fate of my family heavily depends on him leading us towards righteousness. I know that if he were to fall astray, I would then be the one, who would have to continue to show Christ with our children and him. I also know that by doing so, I'll win him over without a word, but with actions, as the scriptures state. But I pray to for his salvation among other things, so not to have to face those times. I pray that if I do, I will be strong in Christ and not try and be his conscious or look down on him in his time of need. I pray that I will be able to look at him and know that, but for the grace of God go I. 

Praying for him takes effort, but is necessary for him to be the man that my Lord has called him to be. I take comfort in knowing that as long as he is following God, he is already everything I need. If I find myself upset with him, I start to pray. It's really hard to stay mad at the person you're praying for. Blessings and cursing should not come from the same mouth. So as long as I'm blessing him, I'm not focused on being a curse to him. Love is my strongest motivation for praying for my husband. I have a prayer journal that is filled with mostly prayers just for my husband. That's just how important he is to my life. Whatever you spend most of your time, that's where your priority is. He is top priority, second only to God. So I continue to pray without ceasing, knowing that as I lift him up, I'm also lifting us all up to Jesus.
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