July 12, 2010

what he wants

My husbands top priorities:

1) encourage him and make him feel special
2) home cooked meals
3) teach and train our kids
4) peace and calm in the home
5) clean and comfortable home
I encourage you to take time to ask your husband, what is his top priority from his help-meet. To my surprise, he actually asked me what are my top priorities.
I pride myself on being not only a good wife, but a great one! In the run of a day, I spend countless hours making sure the home is clean and decorated, I cook from scratch and the kids are taken care of. I usually would be completely worn out by days end, but felt like I've accomplished sooo much. Then the cycle would start again for the next day. Imagine my surprise when hubs told me his top 5 list and a clean home was "last". I was like "are you serious?" It's funny how I never even thought to ask him what he felt was most important, but instead was unnecessarily wearing myself out.

Now I've decided to do things in an order that will put first things first. If I don't do much cleaning, its okay, I won't stress myself out so much for getting behind on it...whooo hooo!!!! Communicatating with your husband really can save your insanity. Why would you want to waste so much time doing things that aren't really that important. I'm a person, who wants the most important things done first. That way if I don't get it all done, I got the top priorities taken care of.

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