August 30, 2011

selfishness in marriage

Marriage is not perfect! By its very design you are bound to face some bumps and bruises along the way. Think about it, you take two different people, who have been raised by four different types of parents and have a whole different set of ideas and wants in life. Add to that their own separate personalities and the fact that they have been single for years and living for themselves, you're bound to run into some issues. 

It is not to say that it is impossible to have a happy, healthy, wholesome marriage. You just have to get rid of selfishness to do it. Alot of times we focus on me, me, me and not enough of we, we, we. The key word in selfish is self! When the majority of your thoughts are on self, you don't have room for anyone else. You can't be married and still want to live single by putting your needs first. The needs of the marriage comes first now that you are joined with someone else.

If you stop and think about all that you have given up or lost, you will miss the blessings in what you have gained. The enemy wants you to focus on you and let your marriage suffer by doing so. Not to mention that has it ever occurred to you that you are not the only one who's life has been altered. No one is perfect, not even you. You have flaws and shortcomings just like your husband, so try not to be so hard the next time a situation doesn't work out right. Just show him love anyway!

Just by showing love, you can overcome the many obstacles that many marriages face. You don't need another reason to love your spouse other than just for being them. When you show your husband I love you for just being you, you have said a lot. This means he doesn't have to do or be anything to get your love, honor and respect. That in and of itself is a very powerful message to send to someone you are willing to spend the rest of your life with.

So get rid of self and gain us! 

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