January 5, 2010

It's the little things

(photo from zazzle.com)

Marriage is such a big decision in your life. It's one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. Why not spend as much time as you did paying attention to all the little details of your wedding day, on your marriage. As much planning and attention to detail as it took to pull off the big day. It will take just as much planning and attention to detail to pull off the rest of your lives together. Start today and ask yourself what you can do today to add a little something to your marriage.

I believe marriage is a living spirirt all of its on. A special bond that exists between a married couple and God. He honors marriage as we should honor it. I hope you will take time out to honor your vows with just a small gesture to keep it going in His glory. Because to love, honor and cherish your spouse, is to love, honor, and cherish Christ!

It doesn't take a grand notion to put an effort into your commitment. I just went out and bought pajamas because, I felt that hubs would like to see me looking cute and cozy sometimes. Not a big deal, but a what a big impact it had on him. When he saw them, he went cooked dinner....lol Not the reaction I was looking for, but hey these are the perks ladies. When he saw that I took a little step toward making him happy, he took a step toward making me happy. And so we each are working together to turn small things into lasting memories of love.

May your marriages be blessed in Christ.
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