April 15, 2009

Organizing Tips

I've been having thoughts on more ways to save time, so that I can run my home more efficiently. The more organized my home is the more time I have for "fun" things. Everything in it's place is one of my motto's. Here are just some of the ideas that I have started in order to create a more organized life for me and my family.

1) Label cords in my office with masking tape and a sharpie. This way I know exactly where each cord goes to what piece of equipment.

2) Create a log for my pantry and freezer. This was a snap with Microsoft word and inventory of foods. Now I can just check off my list when I use something and save a lot of time at the store. Plus it helps eliminate buying excess.

3) Recycle old containers to organize. ex. small baby food jars for pins, paper clips, etc.. pickle jars for flour, sugar, etc..

5) Designate an area just for cleaning supplies. I took a small closet in my home for vacuums, brooms, mops, dusters, cleaners, rags(cut up old shirts) etc.. So I can know exactly where my supplies are when it's time to clean.

6) Make use of under bed storage. I save comforter bags to store blankets, winter clothes and such. Out of sight and I know where they are next winter.

7) Create a cleaning schedule. Routines help "keep" you organized.

8) Donate or have a garage sale, to clear away clutter. You'll have less to tackle and free up some much needed space.

9) Cleaned and organized my computer. Now I can find what I need when I need it and which file has it.

10) Stored all disks in CD binders. One for Movies, games, music, software, more...

11) New coupon pocket in my purse. Savings are just a fingertip away.

12) Special folder for important documents. ex ssc, birth cert., shot records in filing cabinet.

13) Passwords are stored in a special place or file in my documents on pc.

14) Keep a list of frequently called numbers just for your family. This saves me so much time.

15) Keep unused plastic bags I get from the store. I keep mine in a used milk jug that I cut a hole in the side. No more small trash bags for us and I keep some in the car for fast clean up.

These are just some of my tips that I use in my home to help us stay organized. Please feel free to share some of your own tips.

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