July 24, 2009

Feminine Friday

Hello to all of the beautiful ladies who join in for Feminine Friday! I hope you ladies have been noticing a difference and feeling more lady like. Modesty is a way for us the show that we represent Christ. Every week we link up to be a ministry of women who show that femininity can be done in today's society.

I have been having such a good time getting my feet wet in this whole feminine dress idea. And I must say it has been fun to share with other ladies who look sooo beautiful week after week. Keep up the good work!!

This has been a really fun time with feminine dress. It's so different than what I'd normally wear. Jeans and t-shirts. I'm wanting to reveal a softer more elegant side of me and it's working. My hubs just loves it. He's very manly, so I'm a softer sid eof him, so now we compliment each other. I've noticed that I have a different attitude and mannerisms too. Isn't that a good surprize!!

To participate, just click the button for instructions and to grab a code. Then post a past or present pic/post and link up:

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