July 31, 2009

Homemakers Heaven

I feel that homemaking in a ministry, that's why I chose Buildeth Her House as the name of my blog. You have the ability to create a home filled with blessings and praise for your family. A good homemaker is the key element that makes her house a home. I for one truly believe this to be true. Mainly because as a wife and mother I am in charge of the keeping my home. I create the meals that fill little tummies and keep everyone healthy. I always try to keep my home neat, cozy, fresh smelling for my family. With such a big family it can be a task, but I enjoy the role that Christ has given me. And I look good doing it...lol

I have so many tried and true tips that have worked for me. Too many to list, so I'll just post links for my cleaning tips, crafts, cleaning ideas, recipes, organizing, decor ideas, etc... And I'd like you to do the same. Link up a past or present post with some of your best ideas that help make your house a home. Or just leave a comment. Then come back and check out other pages, you just might get a good tip or two. I feel it takes a village to raise a family, so the more ideas we can share the better this will make our homes.

I hope that you have really enjoyed yourself this week. I know I had a great time! I will continue to be a blessing to you and I hope you keep sharing your wisdom through comments. Tomorrow I will announce all the winners!! Remember to qualify, you had to have left a comment each day and have the button on the sidebar of your blog page. Be Blessed!!

I didn't forget about feminine Friday...Be sure to link up next week.

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