September 8, 2009

Jon and Kate plus eight

I just watched the interview with Jon Gosselin. I feel so sorry for any family that has to endure divorce. The children are especially vulnerable and hurt right now. I can only imagine that this whole ordeal has caused them great pain. Fame at any cost is never a good thing.

The one thing that really stuck out was when Jon said he loved his new girlfriend more than Kate. Private matters are just that private. They both saw that their marriage fell under the public eye. Why continue down this destructive path? The children and their well being need to come first. They need time to heal and grasp what has happened to their family. The last thing they need to hear or read is that dad doesn't love mom anymore. That is just too sad. They will have a constant reminder that their world has been crushed, why not soften the blow. I would have liked to see them not add fuel to the fire by broadcasting hate over the media.

I will continue to pray for this family and hope they can start putting the childrens lives first and find some happiness that they once had before all the glitz, glamour and gossip!
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