November 10, 2009

Dating your husband

Remember when you first started to date your husband. Getting dressed up, paying attention to details just to impress him. Making time with just him was a priority then and building your relationship was key. Well, years and kids later and sometimes we lose that. I've found that it doesn't take a whole lot to bring some of that back to your marriage.

Made it a point to go out on regular dates with hubs. Whether it be a movie, dinner, walk in the park, museum, etc... So you can still have that alone time to focus just on your relationship. Still get dressed up and wear his favorite perfume. Try holding his hand when we're out and flirt with him in the car on your way. Pay attention to him and really focus on his needs and he does the same.

If you can't go out, stay in. I've made nice dinners with salad and dessert by candlelight and used our good china. I've put on some soft music and we've danced in the living room. I've lit the fireplace and we snuggle under a blanket just talking. We've even just watched movies on our bedroom floor, in our pj's eating popcorn or homemade sundaes. I've hand written him love letters and put them in his lunch for the day. He's made me breakfast in bed. The point is don't let life and responsibility get in the way of your courtship in your marriage.

Now you two lovebirds go have some fun bringing sexy back! WFMW
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Stephanie said...

Thankfully my oldest is at the age to be able to watch the other children so date nights have been a possibility for us again! It is so fun to have my husband all to myself, and I find I feel disconnected if it has been a while since date night. It is so important to date your husband!

Muthering Heights said...

I LOVE dates with my husband...even simple time together means so much to me!!! :)

Traci Michele said...

Loved this post! It is so very important to always date your husband!

Nice to meet you! I'm now following your adorable blog!