April 28, 2010


I'm sure you've met the thief that has stolen so much away from you. Your family can easily relate to the hurt that has been left behind from this culprit. He has taken something of so much value, that it can never be replaced. And to make matters worse, we have allowed him into our homes. We've given him the keys to our families most prized possession....TIME! The thief is the internet and he has taken so many moments away from your loved ones that can't be replaced. I know, I have been guilty of letting him into my home and missed opportunities to minister to my family by keeping my home, playing a game of peek a a boo, or getting dinner ready on time. This thief actually gives you some valued info in return for your time. A few laughs from emails, a little fun from games, etc... But he has also been guilty of distracting us from actually living, because we're busy while he steals more time. I am learning that I can have too much of a good thing! I've got to get going, life is calling!

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