July 10, 2011

Summer Fun!!!!

I hope you guys had a great holiday week! I know I did! I'm so sorry that I have taken sooo much time away from blogging, but I have to put things in order first. I hope you guys will stick by my side as I take a little break from blogging. I realy want to take advantage of the time I have left with my family before school starts next month. So, I'll be hitting the parks for picnics, movies, game nights and other outdoor fun with my husband and kids. My oldest daughter is on her way to the Jr. Olympics again this year and we are soooo proud of her. My other daughter has a piano recital coming up and I'm doing fundraising for the art center since I'm on the committee. I'll be back online from time to time posting until I come back full time in August. Until then, I hope you guys will enjoy your families as well this summer. I wish you all lots of love from my family to yours.

I will be back stronger and well rested in a few weeks so don't go anywhere.....God bless you!!!!!
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