September 21, 2010

front porch redo

I was sooo busy for the summer that I had little time to actually finish any of my summer projects. But I did get this one done just before fall set in. I finally in early September got around to a small upgrade on my front porch using only what I had on hand.

this is what I started with, pretty blah

here is a far off shot

I had some screen laying around, 
so I added them to the bottom rails
then added old curtains from the top

then I added a kissing ball

here it is hung on my lamp

a side table redo added and
my little one clearing away the dust

I'm done, sorry we're done!

far off shot..all done!

Just using what I already had, 
we created a cozy spot for us to relax
for the cool weather in the fall.

beyond the picket fence
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